Nastya's Final Nostalgia: A RAMSOC Confession

It's Wednesday the 14th, 14:14. The AGM is on tonight: the election of a new committee, and freedom for the old one. It's an important occasion, and I even attempt to pick pretty clothes. 

A friend asked me yesterday evening: "How do you feel about the end of your reign as publicity sec?". I don't know to be honest, but I guess the answer is "Sad". You see, being on committee is quite addictive. It's almost like being in a relationship: your phone buzzes all the time, and it's the only thing you can talk about. When you finish Uni, it takes a few years to learn to say no to helping the club out; some seem to never escape. Sometimes you spend a long time flipping through the blurry grey photographs you took on walks, remembering the views, silly jokes, and how you helped someone get out of a bog. 

Funny to mention, but I used to get butterflies every time the tickets sold out. I was treasurer last year, and, as we say: "Once treasurer, always treasurer". I was so much into it that I accidentally made my handover last 4 days. David, I really hope you don't hold anything against that. It's not the most exciting role, but it's a damn important one. A few years ago, RAMSOC wasn't doing well for money, and the Admin Sec had to pay out of their own pocket to cover for hostel deposits, just hoping that people would turn up on the day and pay. Today, we are doing really well as walks sell out consistently: this allows us to keep the prices down. RAMSOC is getting better and more organized each year, and it is a pleasure to witness. 

Trent Tower strikes 9pm: the AGM has just finished. I post a few photos on Facebook to let everyone know about the new committee, they look like a really good bunch. I am somewhat jealous as I won't get the committee banter anymore, but I am also pleased to be free. I know I will be with RAMSOC for another few years, one way or another: "One does not simply leave the club". I will probably end up being the next Tom Howe*: someone who never goes away. I have already mentioned to the new committee I want to renew my First Aid training so I can FA on walks in the future, and if I had a driving license, I would definitely become a minibus driver.

The next thing on my calendar is G3 training. It's next Friday, in case you don't know. I'm looking forward to the chilled out days, like ropework and and night nav, but I don't really fancy doing Skiddaw at the moment (I always thought it was a horrible climb!) Maybe I can do the Old Man on that day - I have the bus pass after all. I will take our little group to the best pub in the Central Lakes, and possibly to the best Thai restaurant in the UK too. I spent two weeks there alone this summer, and know the area quite well. I'm planning to go again in a few months, and will meet up with (another!) David for a hill or two. The place is simply mesmerizing; I can understand Wainwright 100%. I might even end up doing my hen-do up there, if I ever get married.

I have other plans for the hills next year; I'm not talking so much about ascent, but distance instead. I want to discover the Brecon Beacons, and also take part in a charity marathon in the Peaks. I am also looking at walks in Sweden and Norway. I've been trying to get some friends interested, but most of them say "You are crazy". Well, I guess so; everyone in the club (with no exception) is a little bit crazy. 

RAMSOC has been a beautiful experience. I met my best friend for life here (Tom, have a round of applause), and so many other wonderful people. They are all different: some do engineering, others do history or economics. Some are so chatty they give you a headache, others take an hour to warm up for a sentence. I love them all equally, and they love me back. Last week, I had the most delicious dinner with one of them; we watched Hot Fuzz and talked for ages. RAMSOC has become the foundation of my life. I used to think that because I did an engineering degree, I had to become an engineer. Well, guess what? It turns out there is absolute no need for it. There are so many other things I can do: there are Ordnance Survey and Harvey opportunities that I am qualified for, and I can always start a business of my own. 

Anyway, I've been going on for too long, hope I haven't bored you. Have a great Easter and good luck with revision. See you again for a walk in Matlock, or for a drink at Mooch. 

Your ex-publicity-officer 


*An alumni member who somehowe never manages to escape (see what I did there?)


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