Ramsoc goes to Snowdonia!

On a Friday afternoon, tired from a week of lectures, we bundled on to the coach. The cooks brought their delicious cakes, ingredients and dishes they had prepared. Soon the night arrived and we were nodding off. I was jealous of those that had pillows! We arrived late and it was inviting for everyone to see what looked more like a house than a hostel.  By midnight the hostel was quiet and everyone was getting rest for the next day of hiking.
Saturday morning we awakened to a lovely blue sky, fresh air and we were all really excited to get walking! I chose a walk 2, where we walked up Snowdon from a slightly higher point.  There were also other walks and scrambles for the more adventurous. The walk started off gentle, but we were soon faced with larger and larger rocks. The views were outstanding and everyone was stopping to take photos.

As we got in to the walk, the air was getting misty and it was getting colder, on with the layers! We were given an option to keep on going or we could stop and go back. But, we would have to reach a point by a certain time if we wanted to carry on. We soon walked faster when we heard that! I felt so courageous and then a five year old would run past, yep… ok… go me! Anyway, we reached the top and were all elated. We stopped for lunch and took in all the views. Breath taking J 

The only problem with going up is having to go back down. I wanted a slide, like they have in Switzerland. Oh well. Our thighs were like stone when we had reached the bottom, well mine certainly were! We then met another walk group and chatted all the way back to the coach.

Everyone was tired on the way back to the hostel, but thankfully we had some amazing Ramsoc cooks who conjured up some tasty dishes. We all warmed up and spent the evening playing card games, going to the pub and snuggling by the fire.
The problem with these weekends is that they always go so fast! It was Sunday in no time, but today I decided to go on a gentler walk. This walk was beautiful with waterfalls and rivers. I met some new friends and we had philosophical conversations (students…), taking in our surroundings.

 Unfortunately the pub was closed, but in Ramsoc, there is always a silver lining, so we found a nearby shop and the kind lady from there made us hot drinks and microwave meals!! As the evening came to a close, the coach arrived and we bundled back on for the long journey back.
Shoes off, not smelling great, I flopped on the sofa. Back to lectures and normality, I missed Snowdon already.

By Charlotte Dore (Admin Sec)


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