Selfies with strangers, alternative modes of transport and questionable dancing...

RAMSOC isn't just about Rambling and Hillwalking, we're a very friendly bunch of people and so love a good social! A few Wednesday's ago we met at Portland, armed with cameras and phones and a strange list of things we needed to take pictures of before being split into teams ready to take part in our much loved photo scavenger hunt!
The race was on between mine, Patrick and Richard's teams to take pictures of as many of the things on the list as we could before Trent clock struck 8'O Clock, while making them as funny and creative as possible!
We all had a lot of fun running around campus and using the scavenger hunt as an excuse to act like big children!
Once the time was up we all met back in Mooch, ready for Andy and Helen to judge the categories and announce that the overall winner was Patrick's team, with the most pictures to raise a laugh! But there was a lot of funny pictures from all teams, here is just a few...
A fully kitted out Rambler (bonus points for things on backwards)

An alternative mode of transport

An encounter with wildlife

Animal impressions (It's meant to be a peacock!)


Ellie- Publicity Officer


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